groupDNA history

update: this is an old post just after what we then called groupDNA became tickerTXT. Therefore groupDNA is free to become a public project, a non-proprietary open concept focussing on technology and business models for group applications and services. - exploit business opportunities by taking a fresh perspective
With groupDNA we aim to commercialise opportunities for "simple" applications and services to provide technologies and services with group leverage.  Basically we offer ways of how to improve cost risks or revenue opoortunities for customers who have increasingly small returns on ever bigger projects and investments.
We deliver that last mile, the 30 or 20% gains which are not achievable through classic methods and models.
We give a a human touch, a fresh perspective to use the power of groups...
We have an old blog on which we'll leave untouched.  That blog is an archive which had a few posts regarding the Berlin Seedcamp in June 2008.  The project morphed into tickerTXT shortly before the event.  
This new location will be home to the revived groupDNA and actively support tickerTXT and other related open projects such as the "group DNA project"


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