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Social Networks ? Social Directories !

vs All " social network services " have technically started out as list of names - people directories. Each person file has fields like name, age, interests etc. In that they are modern versions of phone books or telephone directories which offer extended information about a person, professional data traditionally called a CV and personal info, such as interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, personal historic data. And the predecessors of the now called social network services were naming themselves just that, for example "the facebook", the digital version of a college "yearbook". The next design task was to manage the access to that information. Who is allowed to create a record, who is allowed to edit that data and for social network services most important, who is allowed to read a record, or parts of that and to add some additional info such as a comment, a link or a photo. Who is allowed what and to whom do I relate to, family

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