Friendship Paradox - Friends Are More Central To Social Networks Than You Are

Nicholas Christakis: How social networks predict epidemics

The friendship paradox says that most likely your friends have more friends than you have. And we can use that phenomenon to quickly discover the central nodes of social networks to identify the "connectors" - the people at the core of social webs. By looking at those "superspreaders" we can learn changes in social behavior far sooner than ever before, sometimes 2 or 4 weeks ealier than trqadiional methods allow in case of flu epidemics for example. We can also use those techniques by targeting these hyper-connected people to immunise populations more quickly and effectively in case of viral epidemics.

Of course these methods can be used for all kinds of behavior targeted actions, from spreading ideas to changing unhealthy behavior...

And when you look at those network charts Christopher Christakis is using, you can't help observing simularities to representations of organisms - so we can assume that social graphs represent our groupDNA.


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