Management is a human invention

and often bad for creative stuff...

Why this talk? Because as Daniel Pink points out: extrinsic motivation like carrots and sticks is best for mechanical tasks as research has shown over and over again. Are managers and bankers really mainly doing repetitive tasks? If that's true, why are the rewards so high?

What we need for creative work is intrinsic motivation, autonomy, mastering and purpose. And that motivation is true for groups as it is for individuals. in fact social recognition is of course another driver.

At groupDNA we assume that in groups we behave similar to organisms. therefore intrinsic and extrinsic motivation apply in the same way. When working in a group conciously, we better make our mind up before we start organising ourselves. because once extrinsic rewards have been established, they may have irreversibly poisoned the group. And that is bad for economics as well.

tickerTXT is about market communities made of traders, producers farmers and transport people. Every market community will also have people taking on social roles within the group, moderating and acting as proxies. Some may dedicate a good deal of their time to work for the better of the group itself.

An autonomous market community needs to change and adapt. People will come and go. In order to work for all members, each participant needs to have the same vote. As members earn their income with deals and not as a salary from the community, the best form of such a market is based on cooperative principles.


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